Prescription Savings Card

Get the best price on your prescription medication.  FamilyWize negotiates with pharmacies to get discounts similar to what they give large groups like insurance companies and employers.  FamilyWize passes through 100% of these negotiated discounts to the people using the card to purchase their medicine. 

• Everyone is eligible – and its free!

• Its easy to use with no registration or eligibility criteria

• Applies to all FDA approved prescription medications

• Saves an average of 40% on prescriptions

• Has unlimited use at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide


Get Your Card — It’s Free!

We offer four easy ways to get your card:

• Print your card from

• Download the FamilyWize app from the App Store or Google Play

• Call FamilyWize at 866-810-3784

• Call United Way of Henderson County at 828-692-1636

familywize card 


With our free App, you will know the FamilyWize price of your medication before going to your pharmacy.

Apple users, click here.

Android users, click here

 familywize ap

For an informational handout in English, click here.

For an informational handout in Spanish, click here.