OnTrack WNC Helps Make Homeownership a Dream Come True

OnTrack WNC provides financial education, counseling and support to help people reach their money and housing goals so they can overcome crises, afford basic needs, improve money management skills and make sound financial choices rooted in their values.

Jennifer**, a Hendersonville client, recently sought out Homebuyer Counseling services with OnTrack WNC. With several thousand dollars of credit card debt and less than $100 in savings, she and her partner needed OnTrack's help to create an action plan to get out of debt and save for a down payment on a home.

Her OnTrack counselor worked with Jennifer and her partner to analyze their spending and come up with a realistic budget that would fit their current needs, allow for saving and repaying their debt. This budget challenged them to prioritize their goal of buying a home by cutting out unnecessary spending and taking control over their money! Fast-forward several months, Jennifer and her partner have paid off over 50% of their credit card debt AND saved OVER $10,000 toward a down payment on a home!

The best part? The work they're doing has paid off! Last year, they were pre-approved for a loan of $200,000! They're continuing to save as they begin their search for a home, and recently reached out to OnTrack to express gratitude for empowering them to take back control over their finances and work toward their dream of homeownership!

**Name changed for confidentiality.

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