Karen's Story

Diabetes Prevention Program Helps Participants Achieve Healthy Lifestyles


Everyone wants to live in a healthy community, but obesity continues to threaten the health of about 25% of our local adults and children.  UWHC knows that obesity can lead to a host of other health problems, including diabetes.  We are proud to work with local partners such as the Boys and Girls Club, Park Ridge Health, and the YMCA on programs that teach healthy behaviors, good nutrition, and exercise.  Karen came to the YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program one year ago as an extremely obese adult with joint pain and a family history of diabetes.  She received support from her Medical Wellness Manager and joined group exercise classes, changed her eating habits, and attended class discussions. Karen has now lost 60 pounds over the last year during the course of the program. She no longer has joint pain, and her physician is pleased with her blood panel results. Her family has also benefited from Karen's success, as she reports that her entire family is making healthier eating choices and are participating in exercise classes. United Way works to help people like Karen and her family develop healthier lifestyles that will benefit them - and our whole community - for years to come.