In Henderson County, we fight for educational opportunities for every family.


Blue Ridge Literacy Council’s Family Literacy program “Opening Doors” advances the education of parents who are learning English and of their young children. Parents learn about the importance of early childhood education and how to advocate for their children at school while also working on their own English literacy skills. Learning about children’s brain development, nutrition, emotional health, and the importance of attentive interaction helps participating parents to grow as their child’s first and most influential teacher. Yvette, one of the mothers in a recent class, noticed the impact of participating in this multi-generational learning experience. “The program was interesting to me, my kids, and my mom because we had the opportunity to attend together,” she said. “We learned so many things about how to prepare our kids to start school. We talked about their development, their nutrition, things that can affect them at school, and how to try to solve them. We had many experiences and lessons that were so beautiful, we will never forget them.”