We all want to live in a community where students get a great education that prepares them for college, careers, and a good life. Here in Henderson County, our school system is among the best in the state!  However, some in our community don't have the resources they need to be successful in school, and United Way is committed to providing opportunities to help those children be their very best.

Kindergarten Readiness

We are working across the community to help get young learners ready before they even get to Kindergarten. We know that students who are ready to learn have a much better chance of succeeding throughout their school years, and even into adulthood! Through investments in improved access to high quality preschool and outreach to young children who are not in formal childcare settings, we are helping to prepare the youngest Henderson County residents with the skills they need to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.

School Success

As in most communities across North Carolina and the United States, our children who come from disadvantaged homes struggle to keep up with their peers academically. In fact, students who live in poverty tend to score about 10 percentage point behind their peers when it comes to reading on grade level. United Way believes that by providing high quality afterschool and summer programs, along with caring adult mentors, we can support these students and help them achieve their goals.