We all have a stake in creating a healthier community, one where our neighbors lead long, active lives and are able to enjoy living in such a beautiful place. And Henderson County is ranked as one of the fifteen healthiest places to live in North Carolina!  However, we are not immune to some of the significant health risks that plague other communities across the country.


A growing problem across the US, obesity affects almost a quarter of Henderson County residents.  With increased risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and reduced life spans, obesity affects adults, children, and people from all economic groups.  While we know what needs to happen, many of us need help to make good nutrition choices and get enough daily exercise.  United Way believes that if we educate and support our neighbors to attain a healthy weight, we will see benefits across our community.

Healthy Youth Behaviors

Our middle and high school youth face a complicated landscape today, and it’s never been easier to make poor choices with life and death consequences.  But United Way knows that when we equip our youth with skills, knowledge, and confidence, they can and will succeed.  We are committed to reducing the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco among our youth, and to preventing teen pregnancies.  By focusing our efforts on this critical age group, we know we can improve the future for everyone in Henderson County.