A thriving community means one where everyone has the chance to achieve financially stability.  As our local economy adjusts to this new century, we know that many in our community are falling behind and struggling to support themselves and their families. United Way believes that when we help our neighbors gain the skills they need to succeed, we build a better Henderson County for everyone.

Affordable Housing

Henderson County is a wonderful place to live, with our fabulous outdoor resources, great schools and hospitals, and friendly neighbors.  But working families in our community face a significant shortage of affordable, decent, safe housing.  We know that affordable housing is one of the key stabilizing factors that enable people to create a good quality of life, and we simply need more of it in this community.  United Way is working with our partners to increase the availability of this critical housing resource so that everyone in our community can have a great place to call home.

Financial Stability

We believe by giving people the skills they need to increase their incomes, pay down their debts, and manage their money, we create a ripple effect that improves life for everyone in Henderson County.  Poverty is a real problem in our community, even if we don’t see it every day.  United Way is committed to helping the most vulnerable among us to get on their feet and build a solid future.


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