NC 211 Connects Callers to the Local Help They Need

NC 211 is a statewide service that can often act as a one-stop shop for obtaining referrals for local resources. We know that in hard times, people in our community may experience layers of financial difficulty that can impact everything from having a safe and affordable place to live to having enough money to pay for food and utilities.

One caller, named Olivia, reached out to NC 211 because she had fallen behind on rent payments. A few minutes into the conversation, the call specialist discovered that Olivia also did not have access to internet service.

In addition to providing information about a rent assistance program, the specialist offered a referral for a broadband assistance program that could help cover the cost of internet service.

This is just one of thousands of stories of individuals and families impacted each year by your support of United Way of Henderson County and our support of NC 211. To learn more, click here.