Small Business League

Small businesses play a critical role by contributing to Henderson County’s growing economy, providing needed services, and developing community connections. Participation as a Small Business League contributor enables business owners to make a greater connection with nonprofit service providers, establish a philanthropic business model, and partner with like-minded local business owners. Membership supports the education, health, financial stability, and basic needs of our neighbors.

Small Business league

Join the Small Business League

  • SBL members support United Way of Henderson County through an annual contribution.

  • 15% of each SBL member contribution, capping at $150, is reserved to fund a special project or community need that is voted upon by the SBL members each year.

  • SBL members represent locally-owned businesses employing fifty or fewer staff.

Small Business Big Impact

Member Levels and Benefits

Supporter ($365 annually)

  • Business name included on SBL web page 
  • SBL Member window decal for display 
  • Participate in SBL special funding vote
  • Invitation to UWHC events 
  • Invitation to SBL Learning Social 
  • Volunteer opportunities

Partner ($730 annually)

  • All Supporter benefits plus:
  • Business name included in annual SBL ½ page newspaper advertisement 
  • Business name hyperlink from SBL web page

Leader ($1,000 annually)

  • All Partner and Supporter benefits plus:
  • Business logo included in annual SBL ½ page newspaper advertisement 
  • Business logo hyperlink from SBL web page 
  • SBL Member sign for display 
  • Business owner recognized as a UWHC Leadership donors

For more information about becoming a member of the Small Business League, email Bird Bartlett or call (828) 692-1636 x1103.

Small Business League Leaders

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Hulsey Media Lazy Otter Outfitters Morrow Insurance  Mail Box & Pack  Pisgah AVL 


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